Podcast note: 16. 2017 outlook

This blog is the note and review about the podcast for 16. 巨头进击的一年 — — 2017创投领域回顾 in 疯投圈.

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The difference between Tencent and Alibaba, Xiaomi
  1. Tencent focus on maximizing flow
  2. Alibaba focus on vertical integration
  3. Xiaomi focus on India market, offline retails, phone related products
The advantage of Wechat program than App Store
  1. review faster
  2. Do not have to develop two application (IOS and Android)
Three main cash flow for IT platform 
  1. Ads
  2. Payment (no customized)
  3. Game

Society affects Ads, FB run on different countries, requiring localization cost

Retail requiring high capital to launch

Property not only online platform

  1. real time
  2. friends experience


  1. applying other abilities