Podcast note: 3. Fintech Startup in China

in the United State, Fintech is driven by tech while in China, Fintech is driven by tech and finance demand.

Why startup can solve the problems traditional finance cannot solve?

What requirements for startup to solve the problem big bank do not want to solve?

  1. Finding someone with strong finance domain knowledge. Connecting with Capital One.
  2. Finding some business with similar experiences about consumer scenarios.

What interesting project do they invest?

  1. C2C based platform but move forward to finance management and having a cofounder with McKinsey Finance background.
  2. service for PE (private equity)
  3. solving for Accounts receivable for business
  4. solving credit card business for the unsatisfied people
  5. finance + media for the people with investment demand

An machine learning engineer in Bay Area in the United States

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Arthur Lee

Arthur Lee

An machine learning engineer in Bay Area in the United States

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